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Early Evening in Kamas Valley

Kamas ValleyI was feeling a little cooped up and claustrophobic, but only had a couple of hours to blow out the cobwebs with some wind in my face, so I decided to point the bike towards the Kamas Valley. The area is the gateway to another couple of great rides—the Mirror Lake Highway and the road over Wolf Creek Pass—but it’s also a beautiful ride through pastoral landscape and a decent destination when you don’t have a lot of time. It’s a great ride for after work.

Like many rides in the area, it starts by climbing up out of the Salt Lake Valley through Parley’s Canyon. I opted for the Brown’s Canyon Road rather than the Interstate to Wanship due to the construction, so jumped on Highway 40 for a few until the Park City exit on Hwy 248. Another five or so minutes and I was on the Brown’s Canyon Road. At 4:00 in the afternoon, I pretty much had the road to myself.

Dropping down into the sleepy little town of Peoa, I took a right and headed through town toward Oakley and Kamas. The temperature was ideal and my mesh riding jacket was all I needed. Everything was green and lush as I passed the ranch houses and cabins approaching Kamas. If I’d had another half hour, I would have continued on to Francis and around the south side of Jordanelle, but I was running out of time and jumped back on 248 toward Park City and home.

Mesh JacketThis time of year, on days when the weather is warm, a mesh riding jacket is just the ticket. Several years ago I bought this jacket and have come to really like it. It’s a great alternative to a vest, let’s the breeze blow through, and still offers some protection. What’s more, when the weather gets really hot later in the summer, adding a hydration vest underneath turns it into a great air conditioner.


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An Autumn Ride Through Ogden and Kamas Valley

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 6.01.00 PMRiding in autumn has to be my favorite time on the bike. The problem with autumn riding in Utah is the beautiful day today sometimes turns into snow and sleet tomorrow—which it did this weekend. Nevertheless, It couldn’t have been a better Saturday for a ride.

With no particular destination in mind other than to waste a few hours on the road, we pointed our bikes north and headed toward Ogden Valley with the idea of stopping at Carlos and Harley’s in Eden, Utah. I’ve eaten at a couple places in the area, but this was the first time here—at Kelly’s recommendation. I had a couple of enchiladas, which were very tasty, I might add. This is someplace I’ll likely visit again.

Stopping in Mountain Home to top off a tank or two, we saw what looked like 30 or 40 Goldwings pull out of the gas stop just ahead of us. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many Honda motorcycles together at one time.

Phil, Kathy, Ty, and Kelly

Phil, Kathy, Ty, and Kelly

Trapper’s Loop is a fun little climb up into the valley and the ride around Pineview to Eden was beautiful. You can feel winter coming in the crisp air, but the day couldn’t have been much better. We went around the east side of the reservoir and beat the Honda contingent by just a few seconds, but long enough to get into the restaurant ahead of the big group.

After lunch Kelly, Phil, Kathy, and I headed around the west side of Pineview, back over Trapper’s Loop, and decided to catch the little section of the old Lincoln Highway from Echo to Wanship. I love riding on the old historic highways, even if just for a sort time, and I can only imagine what it would have been like crossing the country on the narrow, winding road in its day. It’s a great ride through the valley. I love the fall colors, even if they are much more muted in the high desert than they are in New England.

IMG_1445 copyFrom Wanship we headed west into Kamas Valley cruising through the little towns of Peoa, Oakley, Kamas, and Francis. In the summer, this valley is the gateway to the Mirror Lake Highway and Wolf Creek Pass into Tabiona, but it’s also an enjoyable ride on it’s own. At Francis we turned right and dropped down past the saw mill only to climb again along the south end of Jordanelle Reservoir to the crossroads to Midway or Heber. We opted to catch U.S. Highway 40 to the Silver Creek Junction with I-80 and home.

IMG_1438 copyI couldn’t have asked for a better autumn ride with some great company. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter where you ride, as long as you get on the bike and feel a little wind in your face.

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