A Quick November Weekend Ride to Elberta

West Side of Utah LakeIt’s snowing this afternoon as I look out my window. It’s actually been snowing since early this morning. It’s hard to believe we hopped on the bikes just two days ago for a short afternoon ride along the west side of Utah Lake.

Kelly and I had been busy all weekend and didn’t have the time for a real ride, so we decided to spend a quick couple of hours along the lake. The temperature was in the high 50s and couldn’t have been better for a lazy afternoon on the road. With the exception of a load of hay that had fallen off someone’s trailer, we made it to Elberta and back without incident.

In addition to my new saddle bags, I put a new license plate frame on the bike to improve my light profile from the rear. According to anyone riding behind me, it was almost impossible to see my turn signals in the daylight and my tail light was difficult to see if the sun was bright.

lightsDan suggested this light setup that’s integrated into the license plate frame with some pretty bright LEDs that seem to have made it a lot easier to see me from behind and definitely add to the brightness of my turn signals. I still have the original turn signals in addition to the new lights in the license plate frame, so it’s easier to see my signal any time of day.

The forecast is for better weather this weekend, so I’m hoping to get another ride in before it gets too cold—not that it will stop us from going out. It’s really hard to complain this year, it’s been very nice for several weeks (usually we only have an hour or two of fall weather).


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