A Backyard Tour: The Long Way Home

A tour to TorreyWe were up bright and early for the trip home—the long way. We were having such a good time riding I didn’t take any photos of the first half of our trip, but I was determined to fix that on the way home.

We left Torrey and headed up Boulder Mountain Pass—another beautiful ride. Because we were so much farther south, there were more fall colors on this part of the ride than what we’d experienced the day before. Today’s ride is actually one of my top two or three Utah rides and it didn’t disappoint.

After dropping down into Boulder, we stopped just before crossing the Devil’s Backbone. This was the first time Steve had ever been on this road and it can be a little unnerving watching the canyon fall off on both sides of the road. It is certainly a The view from the roadbreathtaking view as you ride on top of the sandstone fin toward Escalante. It was definitely different scenery today than it was yesterday.

We shed a layer or two as the temperature climbed to just about the “perfect range. We stopped the bikes at the overlook on the other side of the backbone to look aback at some of the ground we’d covered and met a couple of Japanese tourists marveling at country unlike anything they have at home. We offered to take their photo before we mounted up and headed on down the road.

The view looking backThe ride from Escalante to Panguich is filled with the gentle sweeping turns that are my favorite kind of riding. We stopped in Panguich to top of the tanks and get a snack before heading north again on 89 and eventually home.

We stopped in Salina at Mom’s for lunch. Another one of my favorite places to eat on the road. Steve gave our somewhat surely waitress a hard time—she eventually lightened up a bit. After a tasty lunch we headed north to Gunnison and then then to Nephi.

We stayed on the old highway to Mona where we took a little detour on the Goshen Canyon Road. Kelly, Phil, and I stumbled upon this fun little diversion a couple of years ago. If you’re not in a hurry (and we usually aren’t) it’s a nice way to get to Goshen before heading north via the west side of Utah Lake.

A Buell and a Road KingOnce we’d gone as far as Bluffdale, we jumped on Bangerter and then I-15 for the last couple of miles home. It was the first Interstate we’d seen in about 700 miles and Steve seemed pretty happy that we’d made the trip. It was a fun weekend in the saddle and well worth doing again.

I hated to see the ride end, it was a great tour on roads just made for a motorcycle trip.

If you’d like to see some video of the first part of this ride I made a couple years ago, click HERE.


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