A Quick Sunday Afternoon Down Emigration Canyon

Emigration CanyonWhen the Mormon Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley, they followed a route down Emigration Canyon. A short hope up Parley’s Canyon and you can come down into the valley the same way the pioneers did. A great 40 or 50 mile ride with the option of stopping for dinner at Ruth’s Diner.

This is one of Sue’s favorite little rides. It’s only about an hour in the saddle, and includes a little bit of canyon riding along with it.

It’s hard to believe that 20 minutes or so out of the valley and you can be in the middle of beautiful mountain valley scenery. This view looking back down is of Mountain Del Reservoir, part of the Salt Lake City water supply.

Parley’s Canyon, named after Parley P. Pratt, is the road of choice into the Salt Lake Valley these days. But if you’re interested in getting a taste of what Mountain Del ReservoirBrigham Young and the rest of the pioneer wagon train might have experienced coming into the valley, give Emigration Canyon a try. Of course you’ll have to imagine what the valley would have looked like in 1847 with nothing but tall grass and a tree or two.


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