A Beautiful Late Afternoon in the Saddle

OPorterville and Coalvillene of the things I like about riding here in Utah is that although it is a gateway to some pretty spectacular multi-day touring, you don’t have to go very far to find some beautiful riding. This particular little loop is one of those close-to-home rides that is two or three hours very well spent.

Partway up Weber Canyon on I-84 drop off the Interstate at Peterson on Highway 66 (also known as North Morgan Valley Drive). Riding through the farm country reminds me of my grandparents and the familiar smells of fresh cut fields reminds me of summers spent on their farm. After Porterville, take a right on East Canyon Road and make the gradual climb to East Canyon Reservoir.

East CanyonThe lake looked beautiful today in the early afternoon sunshine. I haven’t done this ride for a couple of years and had forgotten how enjoyable this ride really is. At the north end of the lake, hang left toward Hennefer to meet up once again with I-84.

It might be tempting at the junction with I-80 to take the right hand freeway entrance and head back into Salt Lake City, but that would be a mistake. Take the left and in about a quarter mile take the Echo exit. You’ll follow what was once part of the Old Lincoln Highway around Echo Reservoir headed into Coalville. It’s a shame so many of these old highways have been consumed by Interstate because they are perfect from a motorcycle.

Avoid the temptation to get back on I-80 in Coalville and follow the old highway to Wanship. The weather was starting to look sketchy toward the East, or I might have added another trip though the Kamas Valley, but I opted to jump back on the Interstate at Warship and head home. The round trip from Sandy was about three hours. You could probably do it a little faster if you were in a hurry, but it’s such a pleasant ride I don’t know why you would.


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  1. Shout at me next time you’re doing an afternoon / evening ride. You have my number.

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