The Long Way to Lunch—Memorial Day

Sandy to NephiKelly and I had some friends who went south to ride around St. George for the holiday weekend, but for different reasons we couldn’t make the ride. Kelly, Randy, and I decided to head down to Nephi to meet them for lunch on their way home.

Kelly was on the Road Glide he just got to replace the one he totaled a month or so ago and Randy was on his Triumph Rocket.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for a ride as we passed the windmills that welcomed us into Spanish Fork Canyon. However, once we dropped down into Thistle Valley headed toward Fairview, the temperature started to drop and the clouds rolled in. It got colder after leaving Mt. Pleasant, but was still a great day to be in the saddle. As we pulled into our lunch stop in Nephi, I was looking forward to warming up a bit and having something to eat.

We timed it pretty close because we only had to wait about 20-30 minutes for the group from St. George to meet up with us. In fact, we were still waiting for our table as they pulled into the parking lot.

After lunch we jumped on I-15 for the ride home. Afternoon traffic was pretty congested until we hit Spanish Fork and we took the HOV lane for home. Traffic slowed up again as we approached Lehi and going over the Point of the Mountain was a real mess. The different road surfaces and the diagonal patches across the wet road surface was less than optimal. I’ll probably avoid that section of highway in wet conditions next time.

With the exception of a little rain on the way home, it was a great afternoon on the road. Highway 89 is one of my favorite roads and the section from Thistle to Mt. Pleasant was beautiful today. All the rain we’ve had over the last few days had Spanish Fork Canyon green and lush and I’d guess the farmers through Fairview and Mt. Pleasant are probably pretty grateful for the extra moisture.

I’ll be glad when the weather dries up a bit. I’m hoping the tour we have set for mid-June has a little better weather than what we’ve experienced over the last four or five weeks here.


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