Road Closed? I Don’t Think So…

IRoad Closedt was an incredible day to mount up for a couple hours with temperatures in the high 60s or low 70s—just about the perfect temperature for a ride.

We’ve had so many weeks of beautiful spring weather, Kelly and I decided to take one of our favorite roads over Wolf Creek Pass into Tabiona.

Every time I ride over this pass I think of my first ride with my brother-in-law Paul and how much I enjoyed it. He is a great riding companion and has been a good friend over the years.

It’s easy to forget how different a mountain pass at around 9,000 feet is compared to the valley floor, but I was surprised to see the gate on the road announcing “Road Closed” was still up. You can see the beautiful dry road behind us, so we decided to see how far over the pass we could go. This particular pass doesn’t see much of the snowplow all winter, so we thought there might be a little bit of snow near the summit and we were prepared to turn around if we needed to.

The road was beautiful and dry until about a mile or so before the top of the pass. The south side of the road in the sun was passable, with the exception of those sections that were in the shade. We thought about turning around when we saw a sport bike coming in the opposite direction—we knew the summit was close and figured we were good to go.

snowcovered summitThe road over the summit was clear with the exception of a few wet spots, but we had to stop to take a photo of the snow piled up on either side of the road. Surprisingly, it was still very warm at the top. It won’t be too many more weeks before the snow is melted and the road will be completely dry.

It certainly was a beautiful day to be on the bike. It was there we ran into another couple of foolish bikers riding over the closed road in Hanna—but with the exception of a sketchy mile or so, it was a great ride.

The road over the pass starts at Francis and is one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Utah. It’s a great ride if you have three or four hours and can be done as an out-and-back into Tabiona, or you can make a loop by adding in a section of Hwy 40 past Strawberry Reservoir and over Daniel’s summit. I’ve ridden both ways and enjoy either. Definitely recommend this ride.


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