It Feels Like Spring Might Be Just Around the Corner

3/14/2015It was another wonderful March day. Pushing 70 degrees in the middle of March is a treat for anyone who wants to get out on the road. In fact, there were so many other bikes on the road, I started counting. I made it to about 40 before I pulled into the driveway. If that’s any indication, I’d say spring is at the doors—of course it helps when the weatherman is saying it’s only a couple more weeks away.

There’s a little canyon between Goshen and Mona that we stumbled upon last fall that we couldn’t find when we rode through Mona from Nephi last week. I recognized where we dumped out in Goshen as we rode past, so Phil and I decided to retrace our steps and put our fingers on the beginning of the road in Mona.

It’s not very long, but it’s a fun little road. It reminded me of the little stretch of Route 66 east of Oatman, AZ (only the road surface on this one is a lot better). There weren’t as many curves so I’m not sure why it made me think of it—it must have been the narrow road and the speed we were going, but I would have been very happy to tack 30 or so more miles of that little canyon onto the ride.

We stopped in Nephi again today and had some lunch and shot the breeze for a while before heading home via I-15. It was a beautiful day for spending a few hours in the saddle.

Bell Pit BossThe last couple of rides I’ve been using some new gear I purchased for our upcoming trip to Texas. I bought a new helmet that I’ve come to quite like—the Bell Pit Boss.

I’ve wanted a helmet with a drop-down visor for the rain for a long time, but wasn’t sold on Kelly’s Scorpion when I wore it to Wyoming last year (there was a hot-spot on my forehead that got sore over the four or five days on the road). With the exception of the big “Bell” logo on the front of the helmet, I really like this one. It’s comfortable on my noggin and I really like the ratchet mechanism in the back. I don’t feel like this thing is coming off my head. It doesn’t budge at 75-80 mph on the freeway, which is very nice.

Tourmaster RavenI also wanted a mid-weight textile jacket for the Texas trip instead of my heavy leather. I have a lot of stuff with the motor company’s logo on it so was looking for something a little different. I wanted something black and understated and have been wearing the Raven by Tourmaster. I once heard a podcaster reviewing a jacket suggest something like, “I don’t know if there is really a perfect jacket.” I have to agree. There are things I really like about this jacket, like the texture, all the vents, how much lighter is is than my leather jacket, and the price tag (less than $150). But there are one or two things I don’t like.

It’s likely just the way I’m built, but the fit isn’t what I had hoped for while sitting on the bike. It’s super comfortable, I have plenty of range of motion, and off the bike it looks like it fits me very well. The problem is when I’m in the saddle, it bunches up in the front. Not a big enough deal to send it back or not wear it, but I’ll likely keep looking for the perfect mid-weight textile jacket. This jacket is close, but not quite there yet.

I’m just waiting for Mother Nature to dump another snowstorm on us, but it’s hard to complain when the weather in March is this nice.


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