A Quick February Ride

IMG_3356I recently purchased a pair of extended fiberglass saddle bags to replace the hard leather bags on my bike. I’m going to get them painted to match and today was such a nice day, it seemed like a good idea to take the bikes out and visit a couple of custom painters. I’d like to get the work done before we head down to Texas later this year because the extra room would be nice to have and I think it will look pretty sharp.

Although I like the look of the leather bags, I think the new bags will look nice and give me more room when traveling two up.

Kelly, Phil, and I headed down to Lindon first to meet Jerry and Roger at Blackball Performance Cycle. Jerry is putting some new bars on his bike and needed the wiring to run inside the bars. So we used that as an excuse to ride down to Lindon before shopping for painters.

It was probably 60 or so when we left and warmed up as we rode. Basically a perfect day to be on the bike. I was kind of disappointed we weren’t just riding, but it was still nice to be in the sunshine with the wind in our face.

I’m suffering from a little sticker-shock, but I think I know who I want to paint the bags—I just need to get the cash together. And besides, it almost doesn’t matter where you ride if you can do it in the middle of February, it’s a win.


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