Memorial Weekend: Grand Junction to Cortez, Colorado

Grand Junction to CortezThe weather report was questionable as we got ready for the days ride. Since I hadn’t brought rain gear, it was decided that we should stop by the Harley store in Grand Junction to get Sue ready in case it rained again. Although she loves me, I wasn’t convinced another soggy day in the saddle was a good idea.

After finding her some appropriate rain gear, we mounted up and headed south for Cortez. Being cheap, I opted to skip purchasing another set of rain gear for myself, which later that day caused me to finish the ride with a lap full of slush. Fortunately, I’m waterproof there and made it to the hotel in one piece.

The forecast was for snow going over the mountain into Durango, so we opted to follow the river along a lower-elevation route to Cortez. The ride along the river was beautiful and the weather was fantastic until we started to climb over the pass and headed toward Cortez. Unlike my friends on their Road Glides, I don’t have lower fairings on my Road King. At the top of the pass there was “white stuff” on the road mixed with the rain that we didn’t recognize as snow at first. It pretty much filled my chaps and drenched my waterproof parts. Fortunately it didn’t last long. Needless to say, our rain gear has a permanent home in the saddle bags now.

Tequila'sWe ate dinner at a great Mexican restaurant in Cortez called Tequila’s. The food was great and the atmosphere was fun. As  you can see in the photograph, some of us were really enjoying the food while others we exploiting the atmosphere. Sue even looked happy despite spending half the day again today in the rain. The food was that good.

Most of the group was heading up to Moab in the morning, but Kelly, Chris, Sue and I were headed to Cedar City. It would be a much longer day, but I was looking forward to going a little further south and getting out of the weather.


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