Memorial Weekend: Cortez to Cedar City, UT

Cortez to Cedar CityNeither Sue nor Chris are fans of big days in the saddle, but the thoughts of getting out of the weather to warmer and dryer roads sounded great to them. Kelly and Chris have a son that lives in Cedar, where we were going to spend the night, so when we left in the rain it was with high hopes for a better day to be riding.

We figured it would take us six or seven hours in the saddle that day, but it started to warm up after the first two or three cold hours. Northern Arizona is definitely high desert riding, but our spirits lifted as the temperature rose and we pulled into Page, Arizona for our lunch stop. We had lunch at Fiesta Mexicana, which wasn’t as good as Taquila’s the night before, but is worth stopping there. It’s on the main drag out of town with easy access.

Riding over the dam, it was nice to be back on Highway 89. As I’ve mentioned before, I love this little road and think it’s a beautiful ride particularly from Kanab, UT to Panguich. We’d shed all our cold-weather riding gear by now as the miles rolled off going north to Cedar Canyon—a very pretty ride over the top and down into Cedar City. I couldn’t help but think of the last time Kelly and I were through here and the snow was stacked up six or eight feet on the side of the road.

After arriving in Cedar and getting cleaned up for dinner, we headed back up the canyon to have dinner at Milt’s. It’s a favorite of ours and if you like a good steak, you won’t be disappointed. Every time I’ve eaten there, I’ve been impressed with just how good the “cow” is there. Do yourself a favor. If you’re ever in Cedar City, make it a point to eat at Milt’s.


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