Searching for the Sun: Cedar City to Home

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 5.57.32 PMIt was sub-30 degrees when we awoke and started getting ready for the ride home. The plan was to climb Cedar Canyon and drop down to highway 89 so we could avoid the Interstate as much as possible. Eggs and bacon at the Market Grill in Cedar was the perfect diversion for a couple of hours as we waited for the temperature to rise. The idea of frozen roads up the canyon didn’t sound very appealing.

We also had breakfast at the Market Grill on Friday morning. It’s very much like other places where we like to stop along the road—there are several pickup trucks parked outside in the morning as local farmers enjoy their breakfasts with portraits of John Wayne and Ronald Reagan. Judging from how good the food was, maybe I should be adding that to the pickup truck rule.

I mean, who wouldn’t want bacon and eggs with the Duke?

About 10:00 am it was almost 40, so we climbed on the bikes and headed up Cedar Canyon. Without a doubt the most “scenic” part of the trip and one of the prettiest canyon rides we do. We got a taste of Cedar Breaks as we climbed the canyon with frozen waterfalls on the right and beautiful red rock capped in snow ahead of us.

There was only one spot where there was ice on the road—the rest was bone dry. The temperatures dropped as we climbed the canyon (I was glad I had put the heated jacket on this morning), but after Duck Creek I could feel the temperature rise as we dropped down to Hwy 89.

89 is a great highway on the bike and has become very familiar over the years. The miles just peeled off behind us as we passed Panguich, Marysvale, and Richfield. We shed the heated gear in Salina at our last gas stop of the trip and pushed the rest of the way home.

I said to Kelly, “I’m sure having fun. This is a great stretch of road.”

He replied, “You’re easy to please.”

He may be right. It doesn’t really matter where we ride. I just like being on the bike. We faced some cold temperatures, but not too bad. With the exception of a few other travelers, we almost had the road to ourselves (except where we were compelled to jump on the Interstate). My gear and the bike performed without a hiccup and we enjoyed some great roads and the sun on our face. We spent a couple of hours on one of the most famous highways in America this weekend and recharged batteries the cold and inversion had drained.

Both Kelly and I decided we’d do this again next year. And, started planning the next trip in Salina as we topped off the tanks and prepared for the final push home.


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