Riding the Open Range in February

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 12.22.25 PMEvery ride this time of year is a bonus, but pushing 60 degrees in the middle of February has me thinking of Spring. It was surprisingly warm as we pushed south and west past Cedar Fort and Eagle Mountain toward the west desert and the open road. Our objective was lunch in Delta, but we tend to take the long way to get just about everywhere we go.

The temperature dropped a little as we past the old Pony Express stop at Faust, so I pulled over in Vernon to add a layer and put on some warmer gloves. The forecast was for cloudy weather, but no rain. Although we stayed dry for the entire day on the road, it looked like it was raining or snowing in the mountains all around us.

In addition to Kelly and Phil, one of Kelly’s friends joined us today. He was on a Triumph Rocket—which looked like a very nice bike. He’d bought it just before the start of winter, so like us was glad to be on the road in February.Delta

We stopped for lunch at a little Mexican restaurant called Mi Rancherita. The service was friendly and my two chicken enchiladas were good. I’d stop there again.

Phil and Kelly have both recently installed the new Daymaker headlights to their bikes and riding behind me, Phil’s light profile was bright as could be. Kelly was the leader today, so I never road in front of his Road Glide, but the light’s on Phil’s Ultra Classic were definitely brighter than those on Randy’s Triumph.

IMG_3131Chilhowee Leather is a great place for leather goods I found a couple of years ago. I’ve purchased a number of things from them over the years and haven’t been disappointed yet. I’ve been hunting for some winter gloves to fit that space between a pair of unlined gloves and my heated gloves, but what I’ve been using was too stiff and just weren’t very comfortable. Chilhowee makes a number of glove styles out of deerskin—including a gauntlet style with some kind of fleece lining I decided to give a try.

These are great gloves. Lightweight, warm, soft, what more could you ask for. In the winter I like the idea of a gauntlet so there’s no chance for wind to blow up my sleeves and these gloves were great. They fit the spot I was looking for perfectly. And, everything Chil Livingood says about the fit and feel of deerskin is spot on. There is no question, this is where I’ll be buying gloves in the future.

After lunch in Delta we retraced out steps until the turnoff to the old mining town of Eureka. There were 20 or 30 bikes in town as we rode through. We obviously weren’t the only guys taking advantage of the bluebird day.

I noticed it looks like the ice on Utah Lake is starting to thaw. Hopefully there will be more days like today before winter gives up the ghost. Who knows, maybe spring is on the way after all.



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2 responses to “Riding the Open Range in February

  1. Jones in CO

    You’re so lucky to live in Utah- so many great rides. The ride from Green River thru Capitol Reef and on to Bryce and Zion is epic. Hope to get back there this year.

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