A Balmy Wind Chill of Seven Degrees

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 5.24.29 PMIt wasn’t quite as warm this afternoon as it was last week when we hit the road headed  down the west side of Utah Lake. At 30 degrees, the wind chill at 70 mph is right around seven degrees. Looking over the frozen lake it felt as cold as the thermometer claimed.

With the sun in our faces and the warmth of the heated jackets, it was certainly cold, but not cold enough to keep us inside. This time of year Kelly and I normally find the west side of Utah Lake the starting point for a couple hours in the saddle. Elberta gives us the option of right into Eureka and a ride through the western desert of Utah and left takes us back to toward Santaquin and the I-15 freeway. Today we opted for left.

We were hungry.

It was about 2:30 in the afternoon when we stopped at the crossroads to make the decision. It had been a pretty busy morning for both of us, so a late lunch pulled us left and to the Family Tree Restaurant in Santaquin. It’s one of the restaurants on our list if we’re hungry and passing through.

The lunch break was tasty and the opportunity to get out of the cold and warm up a bit was welcome too. I think one of the things I enjoy about riding with someone is the chance to stop and enjoy the company. Sometimes that means lunch and other times it just means spreading a little BS. This time of year, it usually means talking about the rides we want to do once spring hits. Today was no different.

We caught the freeway home. It was a great afternoon in the sunshine on the road. Fortunately, there are only another five or six weeks until spring. In the mean time, Kelly and I are thinking of trailering the bikes down to Vegas and riding down into Arizona. Should be a fun ride and a nice escape from the cold. Other than approaching the Grand Canyon from the north last spring, I’ve not ridden at all through Arizona. I’m looking forward to a couple days in a little warmer climate.



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5 responses to “A Balmy Wind Chill of Seven Degrees

  1. Harlan Wayne

    Went for a ride Saturday, too. Weather really was perfect, about 68* From Vegas to the Tecopa Springs area of CA and lunch at Shoshone, not that far from Death Valley. Only 182mi. but, still a lot of fun.

  2. Harlan Wayne

    If you don’t mind, how would I post a pic to your blog? Motorcycle related of course.

  3. Harlan Wayne

    This might work, just showing some great riding weather…..

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