Sandy, UT to Jackson, Wyo

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 11.10.03 PMI really love road trips.

I was worried that I might be spending the day in the rain, but the weatherman was wrong—it was a gorgeous day in the saddle. The ride over Monte Cristo out of Huntsville is always a fun ride, but it felt like I had the road all to myself today, making it that much better. I think the really hot days are behind us and could feel a little bit of fall in the air as I crested the pass and started my descent into Woodruff, UT.

The last time I was through here the farmers were cutting hay, this time the bales were stacked in the barn ready ready for winter. I couldn’t help but remember the time I spent on my grandparents farm as a child climbing on the stacked hay bales—until Grandma found out (I didn’t realize how dangerous that probably was).

I must have just missed the thundershower at Sage Creek Junction, but the road was wet and I could really smell the sage as I headed for Bear Lake. I’d rather not ride in the rain, but I do enjoy the heightened sense of color and smell immediately after.

Riding around the lake, traffic was light and there weren’t many people playing on the water. Of course it was the middle of the week and the temperature was cool. I stopped in Garden City for lunch and enjoyed the breeze. I like riding this time of year and particularly enjoy this little stretch along the old Oregon Trail.

I always forget how beautiful Star Valley Wyoming really is as I approach Afton. It’s been so long since I’ve been through this part of Wyoming, I was surprised to see how much the area has grown. Nevertheless, it was still a delightful ride through one of the most beautiful places in Wyoming. I must admit, I was half tempted a couple of times to pull over and find a place to build a cabin.

Leaving Alpine and heading up the canyon toward Jackson along the Snake River was a great way to end the day. There were still a few kayakers at the Lunch Counter as I passed the rapids and thought about the last time I’d been there in a whitewater raft.

Pulling into the Jackson Hole Lodge, I was surprised at what a nice place Steve found for us to stay. He hadn’t made it to Jackson yet, so I had to do some smooth talking to get in our room (Steve had made the reservation).

Looking forward to our ride tomorrow. We’ll be going through the park and over Bear Tooth Pass into Montana. It’s been called the most beautiful road in American—we’ll find out for ourselves tomorrow. My plan is to take some video of the ride.


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  1. Harlan Wayne

    Interesting, I just got back from that area two weeks ago. Ten day road trip, three nights in Jackson, 3175mi., and 402 pics later, it was a great time. Glad to see your on the road……..

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