The Bear Lake Loop

Screen Shot 2013-08-11 at 1.38.00 PMCresting the pass over Monte Cristo from Huntsville to Woodruff, I think I smelt the rain showers to the south east before I could see them in the distance.  Other than a slight sprinkle, I didn’t see any rain, but I could tell the rain had beat me to Woodruff. It feels like the seasons are getting ready to change.

The smell of freshly cut hay on the road between Woodruff and Randolf reminded me of time I spent during the summers as a kid on my Grandparents farm in the Unita Basin. I would sit on the fender of his old tractor as he cut the hay. It’s amazing how something like a smell can queue up so many memories.

Dropping into Bear Lake Valley the temperature warmed and the bustle of people on the lake having fun looked inviting, but I pushed on up across the Idaho border, past the lake, and to the crossroads—right to Jackson Hole or left to home. A beautiful ride through rural Idaho countryside turns into a very fun canyon ride as you drop in elevation.

Riding into Preston the same fields that were green and lush earlier this year are now golden as the sun beats down on my face. I’m definitely not in the mountains anymore. The ride over Soldier Summit was beautiful looking at the hills of fields bracing for the end of summer and what will shortly come. I always forget what a pretty section of highway the climb out of Logan can be.

It looks like most of the road construction through Ogden and Clearfield is finished, making for an uneventful ride home. I’m looking forward to my upcoming ride with my friend Steve around Yellowstone and the Bear Tooth Pass later this month. If this ride is any indication, it will be a pretty couple of days.


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  1. Steve

    Bought a new rear tire, changing the oil and filter, I’m so looking forward to this trip! Your blog posts only whet my appetite!

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