Logan Canyon and Monte Cristo

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 6.03.41 PMLogan Canyon is a beautiful section of US Highway 89 connecting Cache Valley and Bear Lake Valley. The gently winding road is an incredibly fun ride through an absolutely beautiful mountain valley. Considered a Scenic Byway, the road follows the Logan River up the canyon through forest and gorgeous high mountain meadows before it reaches the summit and the Bear Lake overlook.

We exited the freeway at Willard and rode up Highway 38 to enter the northern end of Cache Valley via Highway 30 to the junction with 89. After a quick stop at the scenic overlook, we dropped into Garden City and rode around the south end of Bear Lake headed for Woodruff.

IMG_2898_1The ride from Woodruff into the Ogden Valley is another beautiful ride over another high mountain pass. Dropping into the valley we stopped at the Shooting Star to have a late lunch. After a break for lunch, we headed over Trapper’s Loop and home. It was a fun day on the bike with Phil and his daughter Stephanie.

One of my all-time favorite rides, it couldn’t have been a more perfect day (my kids might even notice that I’m smiling in this picture—they claim that doesn’t happen very often). Yeah, the day was the good.


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