Grand Canyon Adventure: Bryce Canyon National Park to Jacob Lake, AZ

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 5.32.16 PMThe rain that started in the afternoon on day one from Salt Lake to Bryce, continued through the night and was still going strong when we woke for breakfast. We decided to visit the restaurant and enjoy the breakfast buffet to see if the weather might break.

It didn’t.

Despite the rain, we decided to start the day and headed into the park. We spent an hour or two taking pictures and even picked up a Bryce Canyon National Park Pin for Amanda and a stamp in my passport.

IMG_2755_1_1Leaving the park, we headed for Kanab and then on to Jacob Lake to stage up for our visit to the North Rim. Although the stretch of Hwy 89 from Hatch to Kanab is one of the most beautiful sections of the highway I’ve ever been on, we were in a pretty good rainstorm all the way from Bryce to Kanab. Fortunately we were prepared for the weather and arrived in time for a delicious lunch at Houston’s Trails End Restaurant. Although my hot roast beef sandwich was very tasty, it was our waitress Kaytee that made the meal special.

I don’t know where she learned how to be so friendly and helpful, but she is a pro. I don’t think I ever had the thought, “I wonder where our waitress is?” before she was at our table to check on us.

IMG_2751_1Yelp gives the restaurant 3-1/2 stars, which is probably accurate, but my sandwich was very good. I’d stop there again next time I’m through Kanab.

The weather got better after leaving Kanab and the ride to Jacob Lake was chilly but very nice. A couple of years ago I wanted to ride all of Hwy 89 from the top of Utah to the bottom—which I accomplished with this trip. Next, I’d like to tackle the same road all the way to the border with Canada.

The Jacob Lake Inn was a nice place to dry off and get warm. Unfortunately, upon our arrival we learned that the North Rim of the Grand Canyon was closed for the next few days. It felt like we’d come all this way for nothing. As we considered what we’d do next, we decided that a trip to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon was doable. We decided to hit the sack and get ready for an early ride down Hwy 81A to the Grand Canyon and would push from there to St. George that afternoon. If all went well, we’d be in St. George before dark.

We grabbed some groceries and settled in for the night.


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One response to “Grand Canyon Adventure: Bryce Canyon National Park to Jacob Lake, AZ

  1. Steve

    Huge props to Kaytee! What a great waitress! I really felt like she cared about us, but more importantly, I felt like she truly enjoyed her work. I think she’s probably still in high school, or possibly just graduated. But she has that quality that is virtually impossible to teach. She really cares!

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