Picture Perfect

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 2.43.54 PMSue is a good sport.

Although she doesn’t have as much fun on the bike as I do, there are times when I can convince her that she needs to jump on and enjoy the sunshine with me. Today was one of those special days.

Several years ago I had a neighbor across the street who would get up early on a Saturday morning, start his motorcycle, and disappear for a big part of the day. I had only been married for three or four years at the time and wasn’t riding, so I didn’t get it.

This morning we jumped on I-15 and headed south toward Spanish Fork Canyon. Sue has heard me talk about the Home Plate diner in Fairview and thought a late breakfast sounded good. I love cruising on Highway 89 and always enjoy breakfast at the Home Plate, so off we went. Riding on the interstate is a necessary evil, but it does get us out of town. Once in the canyon, there was a lot less traffic as we pushed on up to Thistle Junction.

I’m a big fan of generating electricity with the wind (more gas for the bike) and always enjoy watching the windmills turn the canyon winds into electricity. I can’t help but wonder why they aren’t doing this out of Weber Canyon. One time the morning wind blowing out of that canyon nearly ripped my helmet off (but that’s a different story for a different day).

Dropping down into Thistle Valley headed for Fairview always feels like slowing down the clock and putting on the brakes to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Watching the road pass under your feet, feeling the sunshine and the wind on your face is one of the most enjoyable sensations I know.

Inside the Home Plate, we ordered a couple of their house omelets and enjoyed a very tasty late morning breakfast. We met a very nice guy on a Fat Boy headed to St. George for the weekend. He was taking the long way, which is always fun on a motorcycle. I always enjoy meeting new people on the road, even if it’s just to share a friendly greeting as we pass in a restaurant or a gas station.

After breakfast we headed to Mt. Pleasant, Moroni, Lehi, and home. This is a ride I end up doing a lot because it’s great in the early season before the snow is out of the higher canyons, as well as a nice late season ride when winter has hit the high mountain passes, but hasn’t made it to the valley floor yet.

We stopped for a cookie and an old-time soda at the Red Barn in Santaquin before the final push home. The weather was about as perfect as it could be for this time of year and it was fun to hang out with Sue.

I may not have understood my old neighbor 25 or 30 years ago, but I do now.



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2 responses to “Picture Perfect

  1. Steve

    OK, my friend. I’ve pulled the trigger on a 1999 Buell X1. Harley motor, still knee-dragging capable. When do you want to ride? All I need is 24 hours notice and a soft spot on your driveway to sleep.

    Oh, and if I could post photos here I’d show you to amazing northernmost part of Highway 89! Check out my Facebook page for my maiden voyage on the Buell.

    • Steve,
      Aren’t you a little old to be dragging your knees? What’s your schedule and maybe we can meet halfway? What do you think about the last weekend of May?

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