When 40° Feels Like a Heat Wave

Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 8.21.36 PMJanuary in Utah was particularly cold this year. After weeks in the teens and twenties, when the mercury finally pushed up to 40° today, it felt like we were having a heat wave. Add some sun, blue skies, a couple of hours, and you’ve got the makings for a pretty good Saturday ride.

Phil, Kathy, and I started by heading south to Linden for a quick stop at Timponogos Harley to enter to win the new Softtail Classic they’re giving away with KUTV. It’s a beautiful bike.

After a quick stop at Mimi’s Cafe for a tasty bowl of chicken gumbo, we pointed our bikes up Provo Canyon for a loop through Heber, over Parleys, and home. Provo Canyon is always a pretty ride and today was no exception. Fly-fishermen were on the river and ice fisherman were on Deer Creek—it was a beautiful day to be outside. It was admittedly cold at 70 miles per hour on the freeway from Heber past Park City, but it wasn’t as cold as you’d expect on a mid-February Saturday.

Anytime you can spend a couple of hours on the bike in the middle of the winter is a good day—I’m just hoping the groundhog was right this year and spring is right around the corner.


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