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Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 9.00.31 PMAbout this time last year I reviewed the purchase of some heated gear sold by Harley-Davidson. I rode all winter with it and have spent several days in the saddle this winter with this gear I’ve really come to appreciate. Last Saturday (December 22nd) Kelly and I decided that he wanted to take his new Road Glide out for a short ride before the snowstorm hit today that has been pounding us all afternoon.

With the temperatures in the high 30’s to low 40’s it was cold, but doable. I plugged in my gear but didn’t need to turn it on for the first half hour of the ride. The jacket and gloves will keep you pretty warm without even turning on the juice. Nevertheless, the wind kicked up cold on the way home from Herriman and I was glad to have the extra comfort of the heated jacket and gloves.

Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 9.01.36 PMWhen I wrote the original review last December, I thought I would need the thermostat, but haven’t felt the need to purchase one yet. The gear has performed well every time I’ve seen the need to put it on and plug it in. As I mentioned before, my fingers are where I seem to feel the cold first, and these heated gloves make it possible to continue riding when I otherwise would have to put the bike up for the season.

After wearing the gear for several less-than-warm rides over the last 12 months, I’d give the jacket five out of five stars—it’s comfortable and performs flawlessly. I’d give the gloves three to three and a half stars. The hotspot on my left hand is still annoying and they are quite a bit bulkier than I’d like, but it hasn’t been enough to take the gloves back and see if I can get a replacement.

There were a couple times late in the fall that I was kicking myself that I hadn’t taken them along, but the Rush Valley ride we did in early November and our ride down to Linden earlier this month were very comfortable with the added warmth. Even if I never put them on, I won’t be leaving town in the fringe part of late fall or early spring without them.


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