A Great Way to Start off December

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 6.09.36 PMAny motorcycle ride on December 1 in Utah is a good ride.

The weather was cooperative, Kelly called to see if I was up for it, so we decided to take a short ride down to Blackball Performance Cycle and Timpanogos Harley in Linden. Kelly was looking for a new stereo for his Road Glide.

A stereo later, we headed back up I-15 and home.

Although it was a little windy due to the storm front that was the precursor for the high winds we’re experiencing today, the weather was otherwise almost perfect for an afternoon ride. If we’re lucky, they’ll be other days this winter to ride. There’s just something about being on the bike for a couple of hours watching the road pass under your feet.



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3 responses to “A Great Way to Start off December

  1. We are lucky here in Texas. We never put the bikes away for the winter. There are always days we can get a little riding in. On the flip side the summers can be brutally hot. I would rather ride in the cold (above 30 degrees) than rid in the heat. You can dress for the cold but riding naked in the heat is not good.

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