The Alpine Loop and Lunch in Midway

The Alpine Loop up American Fork Canyon and down into Provo Canyon is a perennial favorite around this time of year. Although the colors still have a week or two before they will have reached their peak, it was a beautiful ride up the canyon and Timpanogos is always beautiful from the back side.

Taking a left at the junction with Provo Canyon, we decided to head into Midway for a late lunch. We stopped at the Tarahumara Mexican Restaurant. Rated #1 out of the nine restaurants TripAdvisor reviewed in Midway, we thought we’d take a chance. There weren’t many pick-up trucks out front, but there were a number of motorcycles and SUVs (which I guess is the equivalent in a more touristy town anyway).

I can’t argue with TripAdvisor on this one—my enchiladas were tasty (almost as good as my favorite Mexican restaurant—La Costa, in Sandy), our waitress was friendly, and the bill wasn’t bad either. I’d go there again next time I’m in Midway and hungry.

Midway is a charming little town in the Heber Valley and always a nice ride. Catching the Interstate just north of Heber, we cruised toward home over Parley’s Canyon and into the Salt Lake Valley. A short loop, good food, and Sue on the back of the bike made it a nice afternoon ride. Fall colors should be at their peak in another couple of weeks and we’ll probably have to go over the Alpine Loop at least once more.


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