Breakfast at the Sage Brush Inn

This time of year, day rides out of Salt Lake City usually take the form of a canyon ride for me. Fortunately, there are a number of canyons reasonably close (if you’re willing to spend a little time on the Interstate). A couple weekends ago Phil and I went over Wolf Creek Pass to Tabiona, we decided to do the same thing last weekend with Sue and Kathy.

It’s a beautiful ride into a sleepy little farming community that can easily be done in a half day. Coming out of the canyon you see the farmers on their tractors or the sprinklers irrigating the fields. As I’ve said before, I love riding the canyons; but there’s something very peaceful about cruising through the pastoral landscapes of Northern Utah.

We started out early (we wanted to beat the mid-day heat) and headed up Parleys Canyon into Kamas Valley. It was pretty cool as we made the turn in Francis to head over the  pass, but the thoughts of a late breakfast at the Sage Brush Inn urged us onward. It’s not much to look at, but on my pick-up truck scale it scores pretty high.

A total of five booths make up the cafe, but they are always filled on a Saturday morning. Last weekend it was with a family of locals, some camo-clad bowhunters (I’m guessing) and the four of us. I had a great omelet, but I’ve had a burger there before—which is also tasty.

Our waitress was an older guy wearing a cowboy hat and a pair of pliers. “I’ve never been served by a waitress wearing pliers before,” said Phil. “What are they for.”

“Irrigate’n,” he said with a deadpan you’ll only find in a small town. It was as if to say, “Don’t you city boys know anything about irrigate’n?” He added, “Don’t need the shovel anymore.”

He didn’t explain, but the sprinklers are a little more sophisticated than what I remember as a kid. My grandfather and I would walk through the fields and open or shut the water channel by moving the dirt around with a shovel. Irrigate’n was always fun with my grandmother because she had planted asparagus in spots along the ditch bank, which always meant we’d be coming home with a fun treat for dinner.

Most of the bikers we see on the road stop in Hanna, but another 10 or so minutes takes you to Tabiona and the Sage Brush Inn—well worth it.


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