Francis to Tabiona: Wolf Creek Pass

Phil mugging for the camera

It had to be the best day to be on a bike since last Spring. The weather was perfect as Phil and I left Francis for Tabiona. Northern Utah has some great canyon rides and Wolf Creek Pass is one of them.

Traffic out of Salt Lake was backed up pretty bad as we approached I-80 from the I-215 belt route, so we decided to go north and up Weber Canyon. The time it added wasn’t a problem since the weather was about as perfect as it could be for a day in the saddle—and we weren’t stranded in an I-80 parking lot climbing up Parely’s Canyon.

Once we got to Wanship we exited off the Interstate and headed through the Kamas Valley for Francis. Kamas Valley is the starting point for another great ride up the Mirror Lake Highway. Sue and I spent some time on that ride July 4th.

I added another camera angle to the video of Wolf Creek and didn’t shoot through the windshield (which I thought made for a better video).

It was a great day on the bike and has me jazzed about our upcoming trip down the Oregon Coast. Hopefully we’ll have some great photos and interesting video of that trip.

For a view of Wolf Creek from the bike, click here.


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