It’s the Little Things

I spent today on the bike. It was a great day. I’ll likely write about it later, but I just wanted to give some props to a product I discovered last fall that I really like. It’s not expensive. It serves a purpose and actually does what it is advertised to do very well.

Like most activities, there is motorcycle-specific equipment (that isn’t limited to boots, jackets or a helmet). If you’ve never heard of a Biker Boot Strap, let me introduce you. It keeps your jeans from riding up as they get blown in the wind. It is basically two clips and a bungie-like strap that clip to your jeans and go under your boots.

I’ve tried a number of similar things—some were cheaper, some were more expensive—but nothing works as well as these guys do. I broke one of the clips earlier in the year and have been stuck going through my other clips until recently. My order for another pair arrived yesterday; along with some repair parts (they broke, by the way, because I stepped on one of them—it was not a faulty part). Wow. They stayed clipped to my pants. They did their job flawlessly for the six or seven hours I was on the bike. I remember why I like them so much. I have stashed the extra pair in my tourpack, just in case something happens on the road. I don’t want to be left without them again—yes they are that good at what they are designed to do.

That said, I’m convinced this is a great company too. And yes, I’m gushing just a little. It’s been a while ago that I tried to order some replacement parts from them online. There was some kind of stupid problem with the transaction. I came to find out that the expiration date of the card on my PayPal account had expired and it wouldn’t let the transaction go through.

When the transaction wouldn’t go through, I was a little frustrated, and dashed off a note to the company to tell them I was having a problem ordering, that I was a return customer and that I needed some help. I figured my complaint would disappear into a black hole, never to be acknowledged.

I was wrong.

Within 24 hours I received a couple of emails offering to help me resolve my situation. When I didn’t get around to answering them, I got a phone call. Another email and then another phone call. When I was finally able to answer the call, there was a very friendly guy on the other end of the phone who spent 5 or 6 minutes with me helping me resolve my issue.


I say “Wow” because the total for my order of replacement parts was around $10. As a result of the phone call, when I finally ended up ordering again, in stead of simply buying the replacement parts, I ordered another pair of straps. I now have the Maltese Cross and the Flaming Scull.

That’s it. Needless to say, I’m now a customer for life. When was the last time someone went the extra mile to make sure you were a happy customer? I wish every company I bought stuff from was as responsive as these guys. If you’re reading this blog, I assume you ride a motorcycle. You should check these guys out.

You might ask, “Why are you promoting Biker Boot Straps? Do they give you a kickback?”

Nope. I just think if there’s a company with a product this good, and people this cool, everyone should know about it. If you don’t want your jeans to ride up your leg and flap in the wind as you ride your bike, just buy a pair. They are well made. They work. And, they do exactly what they are advertised to do.


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