Logan Canyon—Just Doesn’t Get Much Better

Earlier this summer I took a ride up Logan Canyon, one of the funnest canyon rides in Utah. The first time I rode the canyon was with Paul and I think of him every time I lean into one of the curves shooting up this beautiful canyon ride.

Descending from the top of the canyon you can see the beautiful blue waters of Bear Lake below. The quiet little village of Garden City boasts the best raspberry milkshake you’re ever had—and I can’t say it isn’t. If you don’t stop at LaBeau’s Drive-In and try one for yourself, you’re missing Garden City’s culinary claim to fame—it’s even made the pages of the New York Times. Most of my family prefers boating and playing in the lake, but for me it’s the ride to the lake that’s the fun part.

From Bear Lake you can take a beautiful ride to the north and drop back down into Utah through Preston, ID and Logan or head to the south and cruise over Monte Cristo and pass Pineview Reservoir or take the long way home over the Mirror Lake Highway. No matter how you head home, it’s an epic ride.

You can see the view from the saddle, here.


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