Cruising the Nebo Loop

Mount Nebo

It’s been a busy summer. I’ve spent a lot more time in the saddle than I have behind the computer in my spare time (which is a good thing, right). The Nebo Loop is one of my favorite rides in Utah. Although it is named after the famed mount Moses climbed to see the promised land, and I totally enjoyed the ride, I didn’t see the promised land or otherwise have a spiritual experience. I did spend several hours in one of the most beautiful mountain passes in Utah.

The centerpiece of the Mount Nebo Wilderness, it is the southernmost and highest peak in the Wasatch range. The National Scenic Byway, which I have been on two or three times this summer already, winds up over the pass and offers beautiful views of the three peaks that crown Mt. Nebo—the tallest being 11,928 ft (3,636 m).

I wrote about this particular ride last Fall and included some photographs of the leaves, which are incredible. If you’re only going to visit Nebo once every year, I would recommend doing it in the Fall to enjoy the colors. That being said, it is a beautiful ride any time of year.

Once out of the canyon, you can turn right and head into Nephi and I-15 or go left (my preferred route) and head into Fairview for a great omelet at The Home Plate and head up over the Energy Loop or north via 89 into Spanish Fork Canyon.

If you’re in Northern Utah on a motorcycle, the Nebo Loop will not disappoint. Start in the little town of Payson and get ready to enjoy a couple of hours of canyon riding Nirvana (I guess I did have a spiritual experience after all).

Click HERE for video from the saddle.


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  1. Steve

    Wow! Great video! Thanks, man!

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