A Day at the Races: Not Your Typical Harley Crowd

My wife and I spent part of the afternoon at Miller Sports Park on Saturday to start off the Memorial Day weekend and enjoy watching motorcycles scream around the track. I had hoped we would be able to ride the bike out to Tooele to enjoy the day, but the rain put the brakes on that—but it didn’t put a stop to the qualifying.

Cold and windy? Yes. Enough to stop us from enjoying part of the day at the race track? Nope.

I must admit, I didn’t see too many familiar faces and not a single Harley in the parking lot waiting for its rider to return—I must have been the only guy there sporting a Harley-Davidson logo. Nevertheless, it was a fun afternoon, despite the rain the cold and the wind.

I don’t know that much about motorcycle racing, other than it’s exciting to see bikes approaching 200 miles per hour and riders with enviable handling skills. The BMW stunt rider presentation at the paddock was incredible. I was blown away. I’ve included some of that in the video (my little Canon G12 didn’t do too bad).

It might not have been a quiet day on the highway riding with friends, but it was a fun day watching skilled riders push their limits.


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