A Nice Ride to Oakley

I’m working hard this spring to convince the women in my life that riding on the bike with me is a good idea. A couple of weeks ago, my daughter Amanda and I joined a group ride sponsored by the local Harley-Davidson dealer and rode, with several hundred other riders, to the old mining town of Eureka, Ut. It was a nice day on the bike with friends; and my daughter riding behind.

We had a nice lunch and walked through what’s left of the old town—which isn’t much these days. In the day though, Eureka was quite the place. In fact, in 1928 Amelia Earhart had engine trouble and was forced down outside of Eureka as she was attempting a solo flight across the United States. As you can imagine, it wasn’t like she had access to a GPS. Unlike today, the maps she used left a little to be desired.

Supposedly, she jumped out of the plane and said, “Where am I?” She was following the railroad line from Las Vegas and didn’t know exactly where she was.

As she touched down the plane nosed over and mangled the prop, requiring a truck to take the Avro Avian biplane to Salt Lake City for repair. Earhart stayed three days and became good friends with a local woman named Mon Hillsdale (ph). Another woman ahead of here time, Mon and Earhart spent long evenings sitting on the porch drinking whiskey and telling stories. Among other things, Mon and Earhart both wore pants, Mon had driven an ambulance during World War I and even swam in public without her socks. Shocking, I know.

Amanda and I settled for a Diet Coke and a BBQ sandwich, but we enjoyed our afternoon in Eureka too.

Last Saturday, Sue and I headed to Oakley, UT to tool through the countryside and visit The Road Island Diner and have some dinner. I have come to enjoy the nostalgia of the old diner, largely unchanged since 1939. It feels right at home in the sleepy town of Oakley.

Capping off the ride by returning home via Park City, it was a pleasant ride (but maybe a bit chilly as the sun went down). As riding seasons gets into full swing, I’m sure there will be more rides with my girls—at least it’s on my agenda.



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4 responses to “A Nice Ride to Oakley

  1. I know what you mean about riding with the women in your life. My first date with my wife was on my bike 34 years ago. She was not crazy about bikes but she went anyway… The rest is history. Sold my bike when our daughter was born to help pay the hospital bill. In 2001 I told Janet I wanted to get another bike and… she replied, “You should you never buy yourself anything.” Shortly there after I bought a 2000 Kawasaki Nomad. When I picked it up I told her it wasn’t just for me but us… Her reply was I’m not riding that. A year later we took our first long ride to Big Bend National Park and she has been riding ever since. I enjoy her riding with her a lot.

    I’m looking forward to to reading more post from you. Thanks…

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