Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Matter

Manti Utah LDS Temple

Last weekend I had some time off on Friday and decided to hit the road. It’s amazing what a few dry and sunny days combined with heated cycling gear can do in the middle of February. I started the bike, headed south toward Hwy 89 through the little burgs of Spainish Fork, Benjamin and Santaquin, Ut. I stopped for a late breakfast at the One Man Band diner and headed over the pass to Manti and points south via 89.

I really enjoy riding on the quiet roads of rural Utah and rode as far south as Salina before I headed northwest on Hwy 50 toward Scipio. I-15 is the most direct route home from there, so I cruised home on the freeway and spent the rest of the afternoon puttering around the house.

Sometimes it doesn’t really matter where you go, all that’s important is that you go someplace. I enjoy the sound of the motorcycle and the quiet in my head as the miles pass underneath my feet.


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