A Ride Home Over the Alpine Loop

Sometimes you just gotta take a “shortcut” home. Last night was one of those nights.

Looking back at Timp

The fall colors were so beautiful over the weekend up Payson Canyon that I decided to ride home via the Alpine Loop. The road to Sundance and down American Fork Canyon wasn’t crowded and it was every bit as beautiful as I had hoped. The fall colors at the base of Mt. Timpanogos are incredible this time of year.

Legends are told of an Indian maiden who died of grief after her lover was killed to explain why the mountain resembles the profile of a sleeping woman, but there is no evidence that the legend is an actual Native American myth.

Regardless of the validity of any of the many legends that surround Timpanogos, it’s a beautiful ride with lots of twisties going up and down the canyon. This time of year, you’ll need to dress warm, because the temperature drops in the late afternoon. It’s also very busy on the weekend with the leaf-peepers in their cars competing for space on the narrow road—so stay alert if you’re heading up on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.



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One response to “A Ride Home Over the Alpine Loop

  1. Steve

    Beautiful! I hoped you would post a ride over the Loop. I rode my bicycle over the Loop a couple of springs ago. What a gorgeous ride! Ripped my legs off, but it was a memorable trip!

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