Time Travel

Elberta Sinclair Station

It was a cold and rainy week with a feel of fall in the air. On Saturday it definitely looked like winter is just around the corner. In the afternoon it cleared up enough for a quick ride down the west side of Utah Lake to Elberta and on to Santiquin for lunch.

Once you leave the hamlet of Saratoga Springs it’s a pretty lonely road down the west side of the lake. However, as a kid, the Saratoga Hot Springs used to be the location of a small resort which is now home to about 16,000 or so residents. The resort was named after the famous springs in New York. The resort opened to the public on July 24, 1884.

It’s changed hands several times over the years, and since the 1960s has even survived a fire. I remember several summers swimming in the hot springs and spending time in the amusement park. It reminded me of a smaller version of Lagoon.

The little crossroads of Elberta, Utah was founded in 1901 as Mt. Nebo and renamed as Elberta a year later by a transplant from New York, Matthew Whitney. The old gas station, a reminder of what life was like in the 1920s and 30s, is the most prominent feature of the little town named after a peach.

A left at Elberta takes you through Goshen and on into Santiquin. The agrarian lifestyle is alive and well in the farms around the small Utah County town. Fresh apples, vegetables and other fruit are shipped to grocery stores and show up in Farmer’s Markets all over Utah.

Before heading back home, we stopped at a place called the One Man Band diner. I’d never been there before, but Paul and I had a great sandwich. Definitely a place worth stopping in again.

Fortunately, although winter may be closing in on us, there’s still some good riding weather left before the snow starts to fly.



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