Bear Lake

This had to be one of the best days to be on the bike yet. The weather was perfect and the ride was epic. We took 1-15 up to Willard and exited onto Highway 89 and rode through Brigham City, Honeyville and the other small towns heading toward Logan. It looks like construction on the LDS Temple in Brigham City is coming right along. You pass the site driving through town. You can’t miss it.

The farmers were in the fields cutting hay (we even passed a combine after Deweyville—it pretty much took up both lanes) and otherwise busy in the fields. This little stretch of highway is very reminiscent of what it must have been like to travel through Utah 60 or 70 years ago.

Paul wasn’t able to ride today, but my friends Phil and Kathy joined me. We stopped in Logan for a few minutes to stretch our legs and then headed up Logan Canyon. The canyon is one of the funnest rides I’ve been on. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of cruising up that canyon to Bear Lake. Although there were a few leaves trying to turn, it looks like the fall colors are probably a couple of weeks away.

Phil and Kathy

We stopped for lunch at a little cafe in Garden City called the Bear Lake BBQ and Lodge. It wasn’t a Five-Star diner, but my French Dip sandwich hit the spot. I had to laugh at the waitress who wasn’t sure if France was a city in Europe or a country. She said she was only 14 and couldn’t be expected to know anything about France.

After lunch we followed the southern end of the lake and headed east and south to the little burg of Woodruff, Utah where we caught Hwy 39 headed toward Monte Cristo and Huntsville. This mountain pass is an awesome ride (just a notch below Logan Canyon if I was forced to rate them). Although there were a few more trees turning than in Logan Canyon, I’d guess you’d have to wait another week to see the canyon if full Fall plumage.

Once we hit Huntsville it was homeward bound. We dropped down to Weber Canyon via Trappers Loop and pointed the bikes south for home. I noticed a decided rise in temperature once we hit Hwy 89, but not so hot that it was unpleasant at all. Back on I-15 and 40 or so minutes to home.

Is there a better way to spend a Saturday? I don’t think so.



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