The Antelope Island ride

As I was in bed early Saturday morning listening to the rain pound on the roof,  I was sure that the Saturday ride would be canceled.   I awoke to partly cloudy (dark clouds) but had hope to salvage the ride.  As Ty and I sat on our bikes at the end of the driveway discussing our options the clouds started to break, out to the west and the sun was shinning on the Antelope Island mountains so I asked Ty if he had been to the island.  The temperature was perfect with a coat and gloves on.  And the sun shining through the clouds produces and absolute picturesque ride.  I was surprised with the number of people riding bicycles.  We had a chance to talk with a couple different groups.  After the ride I wished I had taken pictures of them and got their names.  But I am new at this and hope to be more prepared on the next ride.  The buffalo burger ( “not from the island”) was very tasty and conversation with the people waiting for their burgers and buffalo brats was entertaining.   We finish the ride around the Island and headed home.  While crossing the causeway I was questioning the signs along the way that warned that this is a bird migratory area.  I didn’t  know what that meant but I did keep my eyes open to any low flying birds darting into traffic.  I always enjoy the Island and try to go there a few times each year


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